Music Video Maker – Vizik MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


ViZik: Music Visualizer Maker is a music video maker app designed for creating music videos with captivating visualizer effects and particle animations. This app offers a friendly platform for creating video creations and editing, making it suitable for videographers and editors. Users can create videos or short clips to share on social media platforms. The app offers a new way to visualize music using the Spectrum Music Visualizer. It creates a captivating and meaningful audio-visual experience by blending principles from physics and biology, resulting in one kind of immersive experience. 

This app allows you to create and share videos on social media easily. It offers 50 themes for instant music videos, including sound wave effects. You can customize scenes with actions like beat syncing, rotation, and sound waves. This app offers beautiful transition backgrounds, video effects, particle effects, and filters for aesthetics. You can use songs from the app’s library or your own. The exporting option is also available, where you can export videos by selecting any resolution and aspect ratio and easily share your videos on social networks. It’s our style tool for making and sharing creative videos with easy and simple steps. 

Edit a video using visit premium and Free

It’s a simple and easy video-making app that has all the editing features in one place. To edit a video using this app, you can follow the steps. 

  • Before using the app, make sure you download and install the app. 
  • Once you install the app, open the app and select the Create option. 
  • Click on the themes option and choose any theme from the available options. 
  • Once you select the theme, you can select a song you want to use for your video from the music library. 
  • Once you select music, open the video and customize it by adding filters, animations, effects, and transitions. 
  • Once your video is ready, use the preview option to see how your video looks. 
  • Once you are satisfied with your video, then use the export option to save it on your device and then share it on social platforms. 

All-in-one music video maker with effects 

This app is a Creative platform with over 50 themes for instant video creation with different sound effects. Multiple interaction modes enable users to synchronize actions with the visualizer, such as responding to the music, applying rotation, and integrating sound effects. This app offers a wide range of transition effects and backgrounds for dynamic video preparations. Users can enhance their videos with unique effects, including aesthetic elements like particles, snowfall, and bling effects. This app also supports a photo background color with effects and filters. 

Add music to audio

This app lets you choose songs from its music library, import your collection, and enhance your video soundtrack. It offers multiple background music options, including adding local music from your device and simplifying the video creation process. This app has specialized features that make it ideal for creating videos tailored to music genres like EDM, Pop, and alternative hip-hop, showcasing captivating sound waves and spectrums. Additionally, this app includes an MP3 cutter tool for precise music editing, allowing you to trim tracks to your preferred duration. 

Many functions for making pro video 

Photo Watermark: This app offers many features for pro video editors. You can brand your video by adding a photo watermark that helps protect your content and add a personal touch video. 

Video Filters: You can enhance your videos with over 30 stunning filters, each with a unique look and feel. 

Backgrounds: Using this feature, you have to access high-quality background photos, enabling you to set the perfect backdrop for your videos. 

Photo Editing Tools: This app offers advanced photo editing tools, including filters, stickers, and cropping options for professionals. 

Export HD Video with a high Bit rate 

Using this app, you can export a video and many resolutions like HD video, mHD, full HD, 2k, expert videos, and various expected ratios of 16:9, 4:3, and 1:1. 

Share your creative videos on social networks 

This app simplifies sharing by allowing you to post your videos on various social network sites easily. Additionally, it offers a video compression feature enabling you to reduce the video file size during export, which can be helpful for efficient sharing and storage. 


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