Weverse MOD APK v2.12.0 (Premium/Unlocked All)

Weverse MOD APK
Weverse MOD APK

Weverse is a social platform for fans with fellow enthusiasts of various artists. Using this game, user can create posts and share images related to their favorite Artist, expressing their support and admiration. This platform provides a platform for users to create engaging content, and other users give feedback on your content. This app has a Global community. We are fans who can communicate with Each Other, appreciate each other work, and participate in different events. Using this app, you can connect strongly with fans, celebrate their shared interest, and interact with creators and fellow supporters more deeply.

LIVE for Real-time Communication

On this platform, you can watch broadcasts featuring your favorite artists as they happen in real time. This broadcasting feature allows you to experience your performer’s conversations and other engaging content in the moment. During these sessions, you can actively participate by using a life chat feature, enabling you to join the discussion and interact directly with The Artist and fellow fans. You can show your support for the Artist by using the like feature, which expresses your enjoyment of the broadcast content. This feature is helpful to connect fans with Artists and each other through life in fraction and engagement.

Bringing Artists and Fans Together Through Communities

Using this app, you can discover the daily updates shared by the artists and engage by leaving comments and showing your support. Suppose you are interested in understanding posts and comments from fans worldwide. In that case, a translation future is available for you, allowing you to communicate with friends regardless of the language barrier. This translation future applies to all posts made by artists, ensuring that the different languages don’t hinder your connection with their content. This platform offers a community of fans from different backgrounds to interact, share their thoughts, and appreciate artist moments together.

Extensive Media Content

In this app, you can access diverse content from official artists released to Weverse-exclusive material. This content is accessible to global fans as it includes subtitles, breaking down the knowledge barrier for a more inclusive and enjoyable experience.

Exclusive Content and Benefits for Official Membership

This app has a lot of free content, but premium content is only for membership holders. Using the modified version, all the content is unlocked for you, and you can benefit from it and use it without any cost.


Required Access

Device, device ID, and app activities are used to identify errors and enhance user experience.
Camera: Enables photo/video capture and QR code login.
Photos/Media/Files: Allows profile image uploads, attaching photos to posts, and inquiries.
Bluetooth/Location: Needed for connecting to Bluetooth light sticks and location permissions while using the Weverse Queues feature.


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