Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Zen Idle
Zen Idle

Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation is an idle game based on physics. In this game, you observe balls tumbling and can upgrade them to Boost Your earnings. You can play it passively, where the game is progressive, or actively, where you interact more.

Gravity Meditation offers both a relaxed and deep strategy gameplay. You can explore where your strategies to mix your progress are to relax to enjoy a tranquil experience as you watch the balls drop and your earnings grow. This game lets you decide how actively you want to engage with it, making it suitable for players seeking relaxation and strategic challenges.

Gravity Meditation Mod APK


The gameplay involves watching the balls from the top of the screen and bouncing off the platform. In the game, you can tap on the screen to drop more balls or swipe the screen to move the platform. The more balls you fall, the more chances you have to win prizes and money. It allows you to upgrade or increase the balls’ number, size, speed, and value.

Gravity Meditation APK

Key features

  • Upgrading balls enhances your earnings, ensuring steady growth.
  • This app offers collectible cards with significant permanent game bonuses to progress your gameplay.
  • The park system evolves with each play Through adding depth and challenge.
  • Prestige allows you to reset with substantial bonuses, facilitating further advancement.
  • Experiment with the card and Parth combination to optimize your strategy.
  • This app offers relaxing and smooth sound effects and music.
  • More than 100 upgrades are available to buy for balls and stages.

  • This app is regularly updated based on user feedback.
  • Upgrade to Boost Your ball value and spawn rate.
  • Expand and try your best to keep up.
  • Unlock new challenges, Ultra bonuses, and environments.
  • Activate special level-up sparks to get an increase in rewards.
  • Unlock cards that can drastically change your progression.
  • This app offers different challenges at every stage.
  • Start simple; that experience will change before your eyes.


The best game to time pass and earn some bucks while playing the game. This allow you to actively engage in the different things. The game has different levels to play starting from easy to hard. Easy levels requires less effort and hard requires more to earn something.

Play this to enjoy and earn. For more this type of content you can visit our site.


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