Atlas Earth MOD APK (Unlimited Lands)

Atlas Earth MOD APK
Atlas Earth MOD APK

Atlas Earth is a virtual land app where you buy virtual land and give them to others on rent. It is a location-based app similar to Real-world locations and has 900 square feet at a time. You can purchase land near your houses to increase your property, earn virtual land, and convert it into real money. You can explore different mini-games within the app, like racing, action, and more. If you install the modified version, you can get passports which help you pay more rent.

This app gives you a gift in the form of a parcel, and each parcel of the land you can on in the game earns you rent per second. Your first parcel worth $5 is free.


Earn and cash out: You can earn money from rent and cash out your money in Paypal gift cards, and you can start with at least five Dollars and your account. You can also use this money to buy more virtual land to expand your area.

Boost rent hourly: The app allows you to watch ads on Metaphor to increase your rent hourly, depending on your rent value.

Leaderboards and leader roles: In this game, you can show off your virtual land and invest in other lands to make yourself top in the leaderboards and become a mayor Governor or even president by owning the most virtual land and real state in your city-state or country.

Collect merchant rewards: When you shop from retail partner and virtual word, you will earn free Atlas Bucks. You can connect your visa or MasterCard and link your account with a card to easily get rewards and withdraw them anytime.

Key features

  • The app offers in-game purchases.
  • The app support GPS and location services.
  • You can acquire more land to become president on virtual land.
  • You can boost your rent rates 30x by watching ads and Metaverse.
  • You can buy virtual lands to increase your locations.
  • You can collect merchant rewards directly in your account.

Atlas Earth Codes

MI083F: You can use Discord for 300 bucks, which is available for a short time.
RH696K: This code is for free Atlas Earth Bucks for a limited time.
KTSK3G: You can use this code to get free money.
HSI38H: You can use this quote for refferl.
SOUE8I: This code is only available for new users.
U14PDB: This code is applicable when you create a new account and get a $10 bonus instantly.


This is an amazing concept of land ownership by introducing a virtual real state in the Metaverse. You can purchase virtual lands, Collaborate and Connect with different peoples from all over the world, and explore build a piece of Metaverse with Atlas Earth, where you enjoy and unlimited resources.


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