Zombie Life APK + MOD (Latest Version)

zombie life apk
zombie life apk

and can apply Different techniques and strategies to defeat their enemies zombies and make themself to be on top in the game. This game offers survival challenges and interactive gameplay that keep you on the edge of your seat.

This game is best on a unique concept set the alarm used to experience the thrill and dangerous world of zombies. All the features are simple; you can navigate to every feature and use its resources to stay alive in the game.


The mG developer created this game. This starts with the character, Bob who finds the best place to live with his mother and sister. The character explores different cities and chooses a safe City to live in. Bob participates in different battles against enemies Zombie and fights against them to make they are selling top in the game. The character also collects variable resources, community, and other premium resources which help them during gameplay.

The Features of Zombie Life APK

Customizable Characters: This game has multiple characters, and you can easily customize and creates the correct one according to your need. You can change its accessories and clothes and make them a unique look from others.

Survival Challenges: The game has different survival challenges, and each challenge tests the player’s skill and strategies. You can explore different places, protect yourself against an Undead attack, and find a safe place to live.

Explore Zombie World: This game of vast open Worlds where users explore different cities and forests, maps, heads, trees, variable resources, and different places for zombies.

Key Features

You can start the adventure and fight with the zombies to save the world.
Kill the Zombies to save world from Disease.
You have the option to kill up to 200 zombies at once.
You can use weapons and magnets that will help you kill the Zombies.
You can collect free resources, including weapon map cheats and characters.
You can customize the look and feel of Zombies.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Zombie Life

Here are some tips that help to survive and the Zombies world.

  • Utilize available resources to build the building and create weapons to enhance survival.
  • Collect the essential resources, including food, water, medical supplies, and materials, and always keep your eyes on containers and other natural resources that help you manage your long-time survival easily.
  • Learn Different techniques, including headshot aminations, that will help you during battle.


This is an exciting game that busy players for a couple of hours in the world of zombies. With its customizable characters feaature you can customize you character for the survival challenge for this open-world. You can easily survive in the world of Zombies and can utilize all the features and resources to make yourself to be on the top in the world of zombies.


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