Dragonheir: Silent Gods 0.201.228543 MOD APK

Dragonheir: Silent Gods 0.201.228543 MOD APK

Dragonair: silent gods is a role-playing game that allows players to explore the open World and engage in activities. This includes searching for valuable treasures solving challenges and puzzles, and participating in drinking contests and cooking competitions. You can decide how you want your hero’s journey to unfold and experience the adventure. 

Take a chance by rolling the dice.

In this game, rolling dice is important for fighting and making the game more exciting. The element of luck is different situations that adventure may encounter, such as stealing, negotiating, or participating in drinking contests. Dice Rose determines the outcome of these actions. The result of Rolling dice decides what happened in the game and gives you a chance to add excitement to the game. 

Gather a team of heroes to form an amazing group.

In the World of Adenthia, there are more than 200 + Heroes with special abilities and qualities ready to join the battle against the darkness and take the land from enemies. You can also face challenges with your friends and win the battle against opponents. Once you make the team, you can defeat the strongest enemies in the game. 

Engage in tactical battles.

In the game, you will experience a special mixture of strategies, characters, abilities luck. Rolling the dice determines you get lucky in each round. These battles occur in real time, so it’s important to position your character correctly and understand how the characters can benefit from different angles in crucial times. 

Your choices shape the story.

In the Magical Word of Adenthia, you choose to fight with three-headed Dragons alongside fellow adventurers. You will explore lands, discover new places and trees, and make important choices. In the game, your decision will determine the path of your heroic story. 

New updates for each season.

Seasonal updates bring some exciting addition to the game, introducing new locations to explore to defeat Enemies’ characters. The app offers an additional opportunity to place to upgrade their hero abilities, upgrade their camps and enjoy various enhancements and features. 

Endless possibilities for hero customization.

The various build options allow you to customize your heroes and change their look and feel.


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