Extra Life v6.8 APK + MOD (Unlocked Cheats)

Extra Life
Extra Life

Extra Life apk is an adventure game that includes a lot of enemies and novel elements. The game consists of three components: players, hearts, and Zombies. Zombies are the enemies, hearts are the life lives, and players participate in contests to defeat the enemies. Your mission is to survive among Zombies, and you will face many challenges. The app has a lot of entertainment that you entertain for a long time which helps you to fight more against Zombies.

This is a unique game. At the start of the game, you will choose more than 30 characters, and each character has taken from popular movies and video games; you will find inspired characters, including Indiana Jones, Gaybrush Thripwood, Lara Croft, Tupek, and others. Once you choose your character, start exploring the island on the map and find against zombies to make yourself top in the game.

How to play the game?

You have different characters, and choose any of your favorite characters to start the game. Once you select the correct then, move around the Zombies and protect your life from them. You have different control buttons on the screen and some action once you press any button. Here are some buttons to speed up your gameplay:

Blue hand button: This button will release with both hands.
Red fist button: Using this button, you can always attack zombies.
Red and blue buttons: If you press red and blue buttons simultaneously, you have complete control of your hands and easily swap on Zombies.
Push attack buttons: If you push both attack buttons, you destroy your opponents
blue buttons: Using the Blue button will combine everything in your hand.

Different characters in Game with Customizations

The game comes with 200 + characters with speed a class at combat groups, and each character has a unique ability. There quickly move to 50 locations and easily beat multiple zombies at a time. You have to customize the option to decorate your characters and upgrade them according to your need.

Exceptional Combat System

You will face many Monsters and Zombies that can end your life. Fighting with Zombies is not easy. This game provides you with the best from-bed system because the Wrestling Revolution series inspires this so that you will face many hurdles at each level. You can collect weapons and characters with complete equipment to beat your opponent. All the free-to-play features allow the player infinite options to boost their lives. Users have complete control over the Zombies, which means they will fight with multiple zombies simultaneously.

Uncover All The Secrets

When you start your journey in the game, you will find many objects that will help you in fighting but apart from that, the app has hidden secrets at each level, and you follow the different clues and hints to complete the levels and unlock new levels with different secrets and unlock the hidden stores. The more levels you achieve, the more secrets will open for you.

New Areas To Discover

The app has 70 new and old locations, and the player can discovere each location and can find Enemies to destroy them. Each location has different missions, and once you complete missions in each location will get rewards, including money and weapon.

Features of Extra Life APK

  • The game has 200 + locations.
  • The game has different modes, including classic and that deathmatch.
  • You can customize and upgrade the weapons.
  • New characters were added, including Assamese, Sakuya, Minato, and Manto.
  • The app does not have a purchase option. All the features are unlocked.
  • The app is safe and Secure for all players.
  • You can explore a massive City, Nyoto, in the game.
  • Ability to determine the adventure of Noriko and Yasuka.
  • You can rename your character set at any time.
  • Three different versions of backgrounds are available (morning, evening, and night).
  • You will explore the head and secrets in different locations.


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