Feelsy MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


If you are looking for a way to get anxiety relief and stress reduction, this App is the perfect option. It offers various games, textures, and sounds to help you relax and unwind. Whether looking for relaxation, better sleep, or a momentary escape, this App offers a smooth experience to climb your senses and alleviate stress and anxiety.

This App offers various texters and captivating sounds to help you relax and perform better. This App can assist you with sleep problems. The modified version offers premium features that provide a better experience to get the application. You can simply click the download link below to overcome stress by playing different games.

Relax with a slime simulator, fluid mechanics, and relaxing games

This provides a diverse range of soothing ASMR sounds and visual cues designed to induce relaxation and pleasurable tingling when you listen and watch. It helps you relax, sleep faster, and beat boredom with soothing textures and patterns.

Relaxing Textures

This App offers 80 more than antistress and relaxing textures 80, including Slime, ASMR sounds, and comfortable movements. It’s a free app with 5 million downloads on Google Play. Download the App on your device to relax and train your brain for happiness and stress relief.

How it works

Once you installed the App on your device, choose your favorite fluid, slime, or special effect and put on headphones for a more immersive experience. Then, interact with the screen by touching, slapping, stretching, or sliding to enjoy the relaxing sensations and visuals that accompany your choice.

Soothing ASMR sounds

This App offers 12 soothing sounds and relaxation. Enjoy relaxing audio like Rain Birds Wins Subway and more. Improve your sleep by listening to your favorite sound before going to bed. The sounds help you maintain your help and enjoy using the free antistress App.

What do you get?

Using this App, you can achieve inner peace, maintain health, and feel more relaxed.
This App helps you to decrease the frequency of negative thoughts in your mind and allows you to experience an optimistic mental state.
This App increases your confidence and self-assuredness, helping you feel more capable in various aspects of life.

Key Features

Enjoy 80+ antistress textures like slimes, particles, and fluids.
Realistic simulation for squeezing, stretching, and kneading.
Delight in soothing ASMR sounds with the volume up.
Find satisfaction in fluid mechanics and relaxation.
Overcome your stress resistance by training your brain.


This mobile App is designed to overcome stress and anxiety and enhance sleep quality. This App supports 80 + textures for relaxation and different games incorporating soothing textures and sound. This App also offers ASMR sounds and visual triggers for relaxation. This App is the best price if you want to overcome your stress while playing games. Download now from the Play Store or App Store and enjoy the game.


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