FlekStore APK MOD Download for Android & IOS


Suppose You are looking for a mobile application with thousands of multimedia on time. In that case, you came to the right place because this application allows users to access the turns of multimedia content on their smartphones. All the control are simple to you, and the app offers and categorizes it, including movies, TV shows, anime content, music, WWE news, and much more. You can access the content from all over the world.

About FleckSt0re

App developed by ShikamaruNara, and millions of users use this application. It support Android and IOS devices. There are some reasons for its popularity because of its design; all the features are used. The second one is have watched a collection of TV series and other content for free you can search for your favorite content and watch it. All the content is free.

This app opens a new world of possibilities and allows users to customize their devices and access multimedia content.


  • This application has built in movie downloader where you can download your favorite movies and save them on your local storage.
  • The app has a vast collection of free movies, and you can watch movies with your friends.
  • The application has high-quality graphics.
  • This app is the same as the market installer app, but it has an amazing environment that will give you a great experience.
  • This application allows you to install anti-Revock when using TweakBox to download your favorite tweaks and apps, including ++.
  • The content of three, there are no hidden charges. Subscription to use this app, you can enjoy the latest content for free.
  • You can download and watch movies and TV shows and set up FlekStore green with TV in a few clicks.
  • This application is compatible with all Android devices, so you can enjoy attending on small Android phones, smartphones, are even tablets.

Benefits of Flekstore APK

There are some benefits while using this app, which is given below.

Unrestricted Access to Apps: the app has a wide range of apps and tweaks that are not available in any other apps, and this app allows you to explore content and personalize your devices.

Enhanced Customization: This aapplication allows users to customize the device’s appeared ness, quality, and features that make the device unique and give you a personalized mobile experience.

Free and Paid Apps: as discussed above, the app has a vast collection of apps, and you can access free and paid applications.

Regular Updates: This application is regularly updated with new things and is always up to date with fresh and exciting content.

Popular Apps and Tweaks on Flekstore APK

The app offers a vast collection of popular apps, and some of them are listed below.

MovieBox: It is a popular streaming and video downloading site that include movies, TV shows drama.
Spotify++: It offers the premium content of Spotify.
Snapchat++: By using this feature, you can enhance the features of Snapchat.
GBWhatsApp: It’s a modified version of WhatsApp.
CotoMovies: It is a streaming platform with a vast library of content.
Instagram++: This app offers additional features it’s not available on Instagram.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improve User interface
  • Added 60+ new apps
  • Added support for Android and IOS.


This app provides different possibilities for users looking for additional tweaks and customization options. You can access a diverse selection of apps and tweaks. You can explore its library to access the apps and multimedia content, including movies and TV shows. You can also download the content and save it on your device. The app offers shareable links where you can send the content to your friends through links.


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