League of Dreamers MOD APK (Unlimited MOney)

League of Dreamers is a collection of visual novels where you shape your hero’s destiny. You control the hero’s fate by making choices that shape the story. Your decisions determine the character’s destiny in these captivating visual novels. Create your character and embark on unique Adventures across various fantasy realms. Engage in romances with different characters and influence the outcome of your story. 


League of Dreamers: My Story is about making choices in visual novels to shape your adventure. Customize your look, personality, and relationship, and select from genres like fantasy, romance, dystopia, and more. Your decision impact the story’s direction and determine the possible endings. 

Garden in Full Bloom

Miyamoto-sa is living a fairy tale with loving parents studying at a fancy City University, and having a bright future in the orchestra. However, things change when she accidentally hears something that shatters her happy life. Can she protect herself when everything around her is based on lies and secrets? 

Gate of Samain 

A young journalist travels to remote Irish lands to cover Samhain, the Celtic precursor to Halloween. Her mission is to uncover the ancient rituals’ mysteries despite the challenges. But on the night when splits cross over, she will face something that cannot be prepared for. 

Key Features 

This app is a collection of visual novels in different genres and settings. 

This app has customizable characters with different outfits and hairstyles. 

It’s the choice-based gameplay that affects the story and the ending. 

You can choose your favorite genre: fantasy, romance, dystopia, detective story, adventure, and more. 

Develop relationships and go, and that’s with other characters. 

This app has high-quality graphics and sound design. 

A trendy collection of various styles and accessories for your wardrobe.


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