Net Scan APK MOD (Unlocked Paid)

Net Scan
Net Scan

netscanx apk is the app where you can analyse and examine your device traffic. Using this application, you can detect an analyze request from any device. This application is sent and received a device request on your Local Network. You can use this Android, iOS, PC, and Mac Linux application to analyze your traffic on any device connected to your network.

This application is compatible with operating systems, including Windows, making Android 5 million downloads worldwide. If you want to download it on your Android and I was device, you can download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can create your account in a few steps, and if you text your device activity, analyze your Wi-Fi network, and monitor the traffic connected to your network.

Features of NetScan X

Read Encrypted Activity: Using this application, you can read the encrypted activities using available tools.

Rael Time Analytics: you can monitor the real-time network activities and analyze every data packet.

Usable by Beginners: This app has simple controls, and even the beginner uses the features easily without any issues.

Port Scanning: Scan your device parts within the network and identify the weak points.

IP Discovery: You can view the connected devices’ IP addresses, which helps you track your devices and point.

Scan your internet: Apart from this app, multiple applications are available that scan the internet connections. Internet works, but these apps have limited functions, so this application releases that advanced scanning feature to scan your network and an internet connection and make the speed fast.

Benefits of Netscan APK

Network Scanning: This feature allows you to scan your network, revealing connected devices, IP addresses, and more, and remove unauthorized access points from your network.

Vulnerability Detection: This feature removes the missed configured devices or outdated firmware from your device and prevents your network from cyber-attacks.

Traffic Monitoring: One of the useful benefits I using this app is monitoring real-time traffic, which can view all the traffic sources, such as bandwidth usage, data transfer, and network congestion.


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