Number Survival MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)

Number Survival MOD APK
Number Survival MOD APK

Number Survival is a casual game developed by IEC Games Australia with over 1 million downloads worldwide. In this classic brick blast number game, you find yourself and the space-themed word overrun by relentless numbers aiming to defeat you. Your mission is to attack and fight back using your spaceship’s formidable arsenal. It’s a high-stakes battle where your survival depends on quick reflexes and strategic shooting, so gear up and prepare to take on this numerical challenge in the depths of space.

This thrilling game gathers energy to advance your weapons and acquire new ones. Your girl must destroy as many enemies as possible and prepare for adventure. We are strategic upgrades, and relentless destruction rules the day.

How to play?

You navigate the special in this game by touching and dragging it across the screen. The objective is to avoid the perilous numbers, proving that math can be unexpectedly treacherous. To progress throughout the game, collect small energy balls scattered throughout the game. These are a means to level up your spacecraft, enhancing its capabilities.


You can collect energy to level up and improve your stats.
You can upgrade the weapons and buy new ones such as lasers, rockets, bombs, etc.
You can face four types of enemies: numbers, asteroids, aliens, etc.
Enjoy the Classic and fun gameplay with retro graphics and sound effects.
You can unlock the achievements and leaderboards to compare your score with other players.
You can customize your spaceships with skins and colors.
You can use special abilities and power UPS to Boost Your performers and survive longer.
You can enjoy dynamic and random gameplay where the enemies and the environment change every time you play.
You can experience a survival game where you have to use your skills and strategies to avoid being hit by enemies.


Number survival is an enjoyable and written game where you use your spaceship to blast numbers and foes. This game has many weapons, Enemies, power UPS, and gaming modes. You can participate in different challenges and skills and win to achieve coins and money. If you appreciate classic games with a modern twist, download and install this application from our website.


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