Rescue Mary: Manor Renovation MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

Rescue Mary

Rescue Mary: Manor Renovation is an Android casual camp where players embark on a mission to add a Mary in restoring a once-renowned prayer manor and recovering stolen Treasure from bad guys. This engaging game combines innovation and Treasure hunting elements, offering players an immersive experience as the uncommon secrets solve puzzles and breathe life back into the historic estate. It’s a fun way of renovating a home and going on adventures. Players use their skills to help fix the manner, recover stolen trees, and have a great time on Android devices.

Mary, who owned a grand manor, lost everything to the bad guys. Now, all she has is a run-down mansion. To help you start first solving a puzzle to unreward as an income, this income will let you replace items in the house and help you escape poverty. These challenges will restore your previous success and inspire others, too.

Game Overview

In Manor Renovation, you will experience a rescue romance and puzzles. Help the main character, Mary, rebuild her legendary manor and recover stolen Treasure while navigating a world filled with fun friends and love interests. Complete the puzzles and customize Mary’s manor to your preferred styles. Be your PNR simple, but be careful with decisions like using construction. Making the wrong choice can lead to trouble. Enjoy the fun game as you shape your marriage life and tackle exciting challenges.


To play the game, first touch and eliminate more adjusting matching blocks and farming, a group of five connected blood will create a rocket. Once you make a rocket, you can create a bomb by typing on seven connected identical blogs and matching more than nine connected blocks to generate a new Rambo. You can combine special candies, which leads to power and unexpected effects on the game board, adding excitement and strategy to the game.

Different levels

In this game, you have different levels, and each group becomes progressive and more challenging, forcing players to enhance their skills. After each victory, efficient steps are crucial. Help us are available when you are stuck, helping you when faster. You can also play high-level games that offer greater bonuses, complete a chapter class time, and unblock the next one, bringing even more exciting challenges.

Design Experience

This game offers a premium design experience; you don’t need to arrange household items through Complex operations. The game provides a predefined position for you to adjust. You can customize the bad wardrobe, bad hub outfits, and more with three options for East to suit your preferences. You can also mix and match styles for stunning home designs that are easy to achieve. So, say goodbye to boredom and deprivation as you can enjoy a more engaging and creatively satisfying gameplay experience.

Key features

You can rescue Mary from various dangers and romance her along the way.
You can solve thousands of puzzles and collect stars to renovate the manor.
Design and decorate the mansion according to your style and preferences.
You can explore different rooms and areas of the villa, such as the garden, the kitchen, the library, etc.
You can interact with various characters, such as friends, enemies, pets etc.
You have the option to find tools for repairing doors.
Using its library to find more puzzles.
You can enjoy colorful words with cute graphics and sound effects.


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