Online Monitor Last Seen MOD APK 1.0.58 (Premium)

Online Monitor
Online Monitor

Online Monitor Last Seen APK is an effective online app that helps you to monitor the online and offline status of your contacts on different social networks, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The app is designed by Lt systems that give you a complete idea about contact or last seen online. It’s easy to get all the information except when the person last seen their profile on different platforms. 

What is the Online Monitor Mod APK?

The powerful tool helps you monitor any online device activity in real-time. The app offers customizable notifications that you can receive whenever your contact is online or offline, change its status and get all your contact activities by using a modified version. 

How to Use Online Monitor Last Seen APK

If you want to track your contact device details, you can download and install it on your device, register with your email, and choose a package. Once installation is complete, select the package and access the home page. On Homepage different settings where you can add or remove contacts, notifications button, and different customizable settings. All the features of this application are easy to understand and every data show clearly the features of the app and users can easily understand the features. 

Why do you need it?

There are various reasons you might need the online monitor just a few steps below.

Protect your device from cyber threats: To keep your device secure, the online monitor Mod APK helps you identify potential threats and protect your device and data. 

Monitor your children’s online activity: Help you easily monitor the children’s activities to ensure their security. This app can help you keep an eye on your children when they are online and Protect them from threads. 

Keep your data private: The online monitor Mod APK can help you identify any have-seen device accessing you without your knowledge and will help you take steps and protect your device and data from those Apps and websites. 

Key features of the Online Monitor Mod APK

Real-time monitoring 

The app provides real-time updates about your device’s online activity. You can track your device activity or your contact’s device activity and track them on different social platforms when they are online or offline. 

Cyber threat detection 

The app has an advanced algorithm to detect potential cyber threads. 

Customized Notifications 

The app allows you to use the customized notification and easily customize the popup alert as required. This feature is beneficial if you want to monitor your children’s activities. 

Group Tracking 

This feature perfectly fits small businesses monitoring members’ online activity. You can take multiple contacts up to 10 at once, making it an efficient and effective way of tracking activity. 

24/7 support 

The app provides you with the best customer support. If you experience any issue, the customer support team is always available for you and you can contact them they easily solve your problem quickly. 

Amazing touch control 

The app feature has a minimalistic user interface and easy-to-navigate control and users can easily Navigate to every feature.


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