OWRC: Open World Racing v1.055 MOD APK (Unlocked)

OWRC: Open World Racing
OWRC: Open World Racing

Get ready for an immersive experience with your realistic street car racing simulator game. Feel the realistic and authentic car driving and enjoy the thrilling driving like a street racer. With its realistic graphics, this game offers adventure racing that allows you to test your skills on virtual streets. 

OWRC is an open Word racing simulation game designed to provide a thrilling racing experience with high-performance cars. Begin your journey with a basic car and complete the races to earn points to increase your rank. Once you reach the top rank, then endless opportunities open for you. 

Unlock the opportunity to drift the world’s fastest car ultimate achievement in OWRC: Open World Racing Cars. This game will test your skills and provide an unparalleled sensation of speed and control. Take on the challenges and push your limits to explore these machines. 

Unique gameplay 

This popular racing game has a large fan base worldwide due to its unique gameplay. Unlike traditional racing games, this game offers a simple novice tutorial that makes jumping right into the game and experiencing the exciting classic racing games. You can participate in matches and tournaments and play against other players to make yourself a top racer. You can choose any of one car among multiple cars and customize and personalize them according to your need.

Game features 

Realistic racing simulator 

Get the true life experience of racing. Enjoy the accurate physics, advanced controls, and immersive environment to tackle challenging tracks. Whether you are a season or casual gamer, this game provides an exciting racing experience. 

Exciting car driving mechanic: 

The game offers an enjoyable driving experience with its engaging controls and mechanics. Explore various driving techniques and navigate thrilling challenges. Take control of the wheel and immerse yourself in racing, drifting, and performing thrilling maneuvers. 

Traffic cars 

The game has traffic cars only found on the roads and streets. The traffic cars include trucks, motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles used for transportation by people. Traffic plays an important role in everyday life. In this game, traffic lights are included to create a realistic environment and add challenges for players. 

10 x 10 km huge open world to race 

Experience an expensive open world spanning 10 crosses 10 km and providing a vast investment for thrilling races. Explore the wide range of landscapes, tackle diverse challenges, and enjoy the freedom of racing across the virtual world. 

Amazing PC-level graphics: 

The game offers a diverse selection of cars worldwide. From sports cars to Powerful Road vehicles, the game provides different varieties of vehicles for you to drive and customize to ensure an enjoyable and personalized gaming experience. 

Gamepad support 

This game allows you to connect and use a gamepad controller, providing more precise controls and a familiar gaming feel. 

What’s New in the latest version

  • Added New Controls.
  • Added New Locations on the map.
  • Added 3D Cockpits.
  • Added 30+ new racing cars.


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