Pixel Survival Game 2 v1.99921 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Pixel Survival Game 2
Pixel Survival Game 2

Pixel survival game 2 to is a popular crafting survival game developed by Cowbeans. It continues the immersive experience of its predecessor in the MMO genre. Building upon the success of its original game, the modified version offers an enhanced gameplay experience with new features and improvements. 

As an MMO, players engage in multiplayer modes and play the game with friends or online players to survive in the world with challenges. The game follows crafting and survival mechanics and requires players to get the resources, weapons, tools, Shelters, and different enemies and monsters. The game has updated graphics and expanded gameplay elements that offer a competitive and immersive experience. The players explore new environments, encounter unique creatures, and uncover hidden resources and tools. 

Game Overview 

Time has passed since the hero, a pixel survivor, was saved from their lonely Nights. Rebuilt the environment by crafting things, building structures to survive, and hunting Monsters. 

In the survival game, you can explore different areas of hunting Monsters, collect variable items, gather resources like worlds and Minerals, and use them to craft useful tools to build your town. This game offers a combination of exploration, combat, resource management crafting building, and providing an interface where you must use your skills and strategies to survive in the environment. 

You can explore different worlds, defeat Monsters, and collect variable tools that help you craft and construct towns during survival time. Each town offers unique landscapes and challenges to overcome your Survival. As you progress through the game, you need to sharpen your hunting skills gather resources, and utilize your crafting skills and abilities to create essential tools and equipment. You can build a strategy to increase your chances of success in Survival. 

Online multiplayer with up to 4 players

You can play this online game with up to four players simultaneously, allowing for a cooperative or competitive gameplay experience. Even the local area network land multiplayer is not supported by the game. You will also enjoy playing the game with friends by creating a new friend list feature. This feature allows you to add and maintain a friend list, and this friend list provides an easy way to connect and play together in multiplayer sessions. 

Find monster eggs and hatch them into cool pets.

Go on the Machines to find special eggs that contain Monsters inside. Take care of these eggs and wait for them to become amazing pets. Once the eggs hatch, these pets will become your loyal friends and help you during Survival and adventure. You can explore the world again with these pets and have fun together. These splits have special abilities and characters. 

Over hundreds of items to discover: 

The game offers wide options that surprise players to find and collect hundreds of items for free. 

Craft mysterious items with secret combinations: 

In the game, you can make special items by combining different things. The combination of secret, and you have tried different combinations to find out what works. This game is like a fun puzzle where you can experiment and discover new things. 

Three different modes (Arena, Survival, Exploration)

 The game offers three different modes for you to choose from. In the arena Mod, you can engage and thrilling Battles and test your skills against players who are challenging enemies. In survival mode, you can test rival skills to stay alive in difficult circumstances. You can discover and explore the game world at your place in exploration mode. 

Lots of traps to craft for your Survival: You have different options to craft a variety of traps that help you to survive in to help you against enemies. You can easily create a place for Survival by gathering resources and crafting skills. 

Chest Tips 

Silver Chest: The Silver chest contains a wide variety of atoms, with a chance of getting better loot increasing based on the rarity of the item. 

Golden Chest: This just contains equipment and Cards with loot chances also dependent on item rarity. 

Master Chest: This feature offers an equal chance of obtaining valuable equipment and Cards, making it exciting for players. 

What’s new 

Fixed final issues 

Added 20 new survival challenges. 

Added boss fights. 

endless waves of monsters 

Fixed monster eggs option. 


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