Toy Phone Baby Learning games mod apk

Toy Phone Baby Learning games mod apk
Toy Phone Baby Learning games mod apk

You may notice that your child is often interested in your phone and the price to irritate what you do. They do this because they want to learn how to grow up like you. However, simply giving them a toy phone made of plastic is insufficient to satisfy their curiosity and desire to learn, so that’s why the Oy Phone Baby Learning game comes on the market for babies that can help your child spend time playing games and learning something new. Baby Phone is a virtual smartphone app for your little entrepreneurs that have Music Games contact list and other games for your children. 

Both boys and girls will learn alphabets numbers with correct pronunciations, learn animal names, learn digits, call new friends, and play and learn new things. Kids at the age of 228-year-old old easily use this app because of its simple interface. You can download and install this app on Android or iOS for your children. 

You are children will learn new things. 

You are children learning about times by identifying time on the clock because the color of the clock tells the time out loud when tapped. 

Your children easily remember the numbers because the number link to the sounds while dialing the phone number. 

The contact list of humans of different professionals and animal features helps your child to learn about professionals and their tools. 

Key features 

  • The app has chord protected setting section for parents to monitor their child’s activities. 
  • The app has other games, such as balloon-popping games. 
  • Different animal sounds for toddlers. 
  • Learn numbers and characters with charts. 
  • Learn vehicles for kids and explore the vehicle sound in the baby phone game. 
  • The app has Free educational phone games for kids. 
  • Educational games for 1-year-old baby games. 
  • The baby phone is a fun and engaging game design to resemble a real smartphone closely. It allows your children to make a call to their new friends. 
  • The baby phone is an ideal app and tool for keeping your children’s minds stimulated and excited while playing the game.


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