RadarBox – Live Flight Tracker MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


RadarBox MOD is a dynamic flight tracking application that offers real-time tracking precise data on flight position arrivals, departures, and aircraft histories. This app collects data from 12 diverse sources encompassing ADS-B, FAA SWIM, MLAT, ADS-C, and Oceanic Reports, ensuring second-by-second updates throughout a flight’s trajectory. This app has a simple user interface, users can easily track and get detailed information on individual flights, including in-flight images of aircraft currently in the sky. You can find all the details on their mobile application. It’s helpful for travel professionals seeking accurate and up-to-date flight information. 

Why is RadarBox the best and most accurate?

This app specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing ADS-B radio receivers and taking advantage of the technology used in today’s most modern aircraft. This app uses advanced transponders for information like position (latitude, longitude, altitude), speed, and a unique aircraft identifier.AirNav Systems has over 9,000 receivers worldwide, showing their dedication to thorough global flight tracking.

AirNav RadarBox constantly improves its Signal Processing to the best for precise file tracking. With its strong setup, it says ahead and offline accurate and up-to-date flight data. 

Key features 

  • You can see the individual Live Flight information and airplane photos of any aircraft in the sky. 
  • Check all the flight details, including aircraft-making model route altitude, position speed, and all the nitty-gritty. Even specific photos for each aircraft. 
  • You can get the past seven days’ flight information using this app. 
  • You can see all the arrival and departure flights of any airport, their status in flight available taxi, and any status information provided by the airport official. 
  • You can see the details of current weather conditions, delays, and other service stats of any airport. 
  • This app has an advanced search filter where you search flights through flight number, company airport altitude, and speed. 
  • This app collects data from multiple sources: ADS-B, ASDI (US radar-based flight information), Oceanic, Satellite, and Estimated and cross-reference several data points to give you the most accurate information. 
  • This app is a multi-device platform for Android, web, and desktop. 

Radar Box Pro Features 

  • If you get the pro feature, you will experience added free content. 
  • Continuously real-time flight taking and no map cutouts after 10 minutes. 
  • Listen to an hour of radio transmission continuously from the Control Tower. 
  • In the premium version, you can get flight speed and altitude graphs. 
  • Get Terrain, Satellite, and Hybrid map layers.
  • See the last 30 days of information and watch replays of past flights.
  • Get priority support. 

Pilot Features 

  • Unlimited radio tower chatter.
  • Terrain, Satellite, Hybrid, and SkyVector map layers.
  • Weather layer for current conditions.
  • Air Traffic Control Boundaries on the map.
  • 90-day flight history and replays.
  • Fullscreen Mode for focused viewing.
  • It has advanced filtering options.
  • Limited raw data downloads (up to 10 per month). 

Pilot Plus Features 

  • Access 365-day flight history and replays.
  • Create a fleet list and track your aircraft.
  • Detailed airport view with arrivals, departures, and weather conditions.
  • Increased raw data downloads (up to 100 per month).


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