Digit Shooter Mod APK 13.3.0 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Digit Shooter!

Digit Shooter! is a casual game available on Android and IOS devices since 2023, created by Gōkhan Demir, and it has already generated more than 10 million downloads. In this game, he aims to shoot numbers to accumulate wealth while unlocking various weapons and skins as he progresses. The addictive gameplay revolves around skillful aiming and precise shooting to amass riches, making it an engaging and entertaining experience for players seeking casual Mobile Gaming.

Throughout the game, you will face many challenges like walls, pits, spikes, and other challenges that demand quick thinking and rapid reactions. You can choose a wide range of skins, costumes, and accessories to create a unique look for your character and enjoy multiple modes, including endless more, to test your park skills and daily weekly challenges with rewarding incentives.


The game begins with choosing a weapon and skin for various options. These options are for gameplay and for weapons and skins using the coin earned during your gameplay. Once you are equipped, you enter a level where numbers rain down from the sky, and these numbers come in different colors and carry specific values. You are at risk of aligning the color of your weapon with that of falling numbers to shoot them down. The main objective is to eliminate many numbers before they reach the bottom of the screen; however, you must exercise questions to avoid shooting the bombs spread among the numbers as they diminish your score and deplete your health. Special items like magnet Shields and rockets are available to add to your shooting endeavors. You can also trigger a fever Mod, boosting your score and coin earnings.

You will enjoy many modes, and one popular among them is the novel mode called “Digit Wars,” which is a captivating twist where you must rescue capture digits and lead your Army to assault an evil castle. This mode invites strategic thinking as you like different weapons and take this to demolish the castle and liberate the imprisoned digits.

Collect Money

If collected, you will come across many money bundles that can significantly Boost Your digit, Kaur. Please keep a look out for these bundles and grab them swiftly. After each level, you will encounter an adult player that can further Evil At your digit score to earn these multi-players. Aim to amass as much money as you can file, minimizing misses when shooting targets. This strategic approach can substantially increase your final score, making it an essential element for success in the game.

High-quality graphics

The game boosts vibrant graphics featuring an I kg dollar theme target, enhancing the overall entertainment factor. With this contrast insurance, you won’t miss any mark or Power UPS, improving the game’s fun.

Key features

It’s a fun and addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours and enjoy simple and satisfying gameplay of shooting numbers and going your riches.
The game has colorful and diverse designs that appeal to your eyes, and you can choose from different weapons and skins with other effects and styles.
You can explore different levels and modes that have other challenges and rewards.
This is a simple and easy-to-play game. You can use simple tabs and swipes to shoot the numbers and use the items.
It’s free to download and install the app, and you can access the game without any internet connection.
This game allows players to play the game without interruptions of ads.
Using a modified version, you can upgrade your projectile and fire rate, making collecting money with each level easier.


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