Kill the Dummy – Ragdoll Game MOD APK (Unlocked)

Kill the Dummy
Kill the Dummy

Kill the Dummy – Ragdoll Game is a pact Android game launched in October 2022 and was developed by PixFlood. This game has more than 1 million downloads worldwide, and the game’s story revolves around the annihilating, smashing, hitting, or detonating ragdoll figures launched towards you in various ways. You are goal to swiftly eliminate these ragdolls while avoiding any that may pass by or come into contact with bombs, which leads to a game over.

This game relies on the Physics and the Representation of the human body to create realistic and often comical animations. You control the moment of a floppy, lifeless human Demi and guide them through various activities. This game offers an intense and amusing experience where reflexes and precision are tested as you engage in ragdoll mayhem while avoiding explosive mishaps.


The gameplay depends on the specific game within the ragdoll genre you are playing. This game has a wide range of object modes and features insurance diversity in gameplay experience; however, several common elements categorized this game, which are given below.

Physics-Based: This game uses realistic physics to make ragdolls move. Like real people, you can play with the ragdolls by dragging, throwing, or hitting them with stuff.

Quick and Exciting: This game is fast and challenging; you need immediate reactions and accuracy to win, and you can use different strategies to succeed.

Funny and Silly: This game is often amusing and weird. You laugh at how the ragdolls flop around Bounce and explode. Plus, you can create funny scenarios with this game, adding to the fun.

Key features

This game uses realistic physics to create fun and satisfying animations of the human body.
This game has a variety of weapons and items to use on ragdolls. You can customize the fairness size and behavior and create your levels and scenarios with the ragdolls.
It’s simple and easy to control, and you can use simple taps and swipes to interact with the ragdolls.
This game is free to download and play, and you can access the game and play offline without any internet connection.


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