Single City MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Single City
Single City

City: Avatar Life Sim is a simulation game for Android and IOS where you make your virtual character and live a life in the Virtual City. You get to do many things like going on dates, having parties, working and shopping. You can also customize your character’s look, decide what the characters are, and decorate their home. The main focus of this game is to become fair and important in the City by making people like you earn money and stay happy.

It is a one-of-a-kind strategy and life simulation game. Our objective is to achieve Fame in the metaverse. In this game, you can engage in various social interactions, including flirting and showing off as you navigate your wear through Encounters calibrated with your social connections to create drama for your competitors while striving to gain more followers. The more followers and friends you have, the greater your influence, which can help you connect with your ideal partner in the game.


At the start of the game, first explore the tutorial section, which contains some tutorial missions to complete. These missions help you to get familiar with different parts of the City, and you can visit places like the cafeteria, gym, and Library to meet people and do the tasks there. You also have your flat, which will gradually be decorated and personalized according to your needs. At first, it will be pretty expensive, but over time, you can add more items and change everything. Style: You can also quickly change your character’s appearance until you are happy with their appearance. As you progress and level up, you will unlock more decorative items, classes, and job opportunities.

Apart from your flat, you can explore different locations, such as a small club, park, and office, and interact with other characters by choosing from different dialogue options, such as flirty, friendly, funny, or rude. This gameplay allows you to earn money, Fame, and happiness by completing various tasks such as dating, working, shopping, partying, etc.

You can meet new people and make friends in the game. You can invite them to your flat or visit their chat with them and build friendships that can lead to advancements. Once you reach a certain level, you will enjoy your neighborhood and participate in special activities and task classes. There is a chat box at the bottom of the screen for real-time conversation with other players whenever you want.


Avatar Choice: Once you begin the gameplay, select an avatar that suits your style and personality and create a completely new character to embody.

Explore Trendy Locations: Dive into the game tutorial, which unfolds in the chic city locations. Engage with characters and follow engaging storylines as you learn the ropes,

Real Estate Ventures: Seek out Prime real state locations in the city insurance before others to secure your dream spot for building your house.

Hype House Leader: Work the leaderboard by amassing influence and followers to become a renowned Hype House Leader.

Story-Based Rewards: This game gives you an engaging story that involves stylish guidance and attractive Roomies. Completing these narratives rewards you with trendy furniture for your room’s design maker.

Room Rental: Renovate, decorate rooms and your house, and then out to unlock new roommates, create the ultimate place that followers will admire.

Luxury Home Design: Show your creativity by designing luxurious city homes and recreating a new beach house with different styles.

Real-Time Connection: This game also allows you to chat with friends in real-time within meta was and establish groups.

Virtual Dating: This game allows you to engage in virtual dating and explore romance stories of limitless possibilities for your love life. You can click on the just fine button and connect with a virtual friend in the virtual world.

Exclusive Store: Visit the newly introduced store to browse and purchase exclusive interactive items for your virtual world. Take advantage of Steels and promotions and explore the store to find new decor items that allow you to impress the role of a powerful leader in your urban realm, like a king or queen.

Community Engagement: Using the game Discord channel, you can experience and connect with others. Additionally, you can access game support through the phone settings whenever you need assistance.

Key features

You can create and customize your own Avatar with various options.
Explore a meta was City full of opportunities and challenges.
Flirt flex and fluent your way through multiple features.
Design your own luxurious dream home, a beach house
Participate in events and challenges to win rewards and rankings.
Complete for followers and influence and the City.
Unlock premium home decoration items.


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