Puzzle & Dragons MOD APK (Unlimited Stones)

Puzzle & Dragons
Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons is a multiplayer game that combines match three puzzle and Monster collecting RPG elements. Using this game, you can create a team of Monsters, explore monsters, fight enemies, and collect more Monsters. You can also team up with your friends and tackle all the enemies. This application is free to download and play, but enough purchases are available to expand your gameplay experience. If you want to download the modified version with premium features, download the Mod version from our website to enhance your gameplay.

This popular game has 4.5 out of 5 square and Google Play and over 10 million downloads. This game is a combination of Arcade puzzles where you are a man. The objective is to move the Ball with your finger and group and eliminate them.

The game’s special feature lets you get Stronger by matching specific colors with hundreds of challenging levels, and it’s a fun and engaging Puzzle RPG game enjoyed by many users worldwide.


In this game, a team of Monsters ventures into dungeons to confront foes. To attack, match 3 hours with the same color as your team’s Monster. If you link more combinations and colors, your attack becomes stronger and involves Mall Monsters from your team.


You can collect more than 2,000 different Monsters, and there are countless ways to assemble them and teams. These monsters work well together, making Each Other stronger and helping your team do better in the battle.

Bring Your Friends into Battle

Share your ID with friends and people you know. This way, you can add the Monster to your team in the game, talk to them, and use social features inside the game to stay connected and have fun in the Puzzle & Dragons community.


This game gets even more enjoyable with multiplayer mode. Once you reach your specific rank, you can steam up with friends and participate in multiplayer games together. You can join the community inside the game, and there are awesome social events and updates to keep things exciting. It’s free to play. You can start building your amazing pregnancy team right now without any barriers.


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