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Are you looking for the best spy app to keep your eyes on your children are employees? Then you came to the right place. In this article, we will discuss a spying mod apk to help you spy and other devices. You can connect the app to your account. Then you will know about all the activities of your connected device, including its messages, call log, gallery activity locations, history, and many more. This app will give all the information about call and SMS logs, including sending or receiving calls.

What is Spyic APK?

It is a spy app designed to offer handsome smartphone monitor features, allowing you to track and monitor your children’s activities on their smartphones. This application provides advanced tracking capital, hands data extraction, and other features for a more extensive monitoring experience. With the latest updates, you can monitor and track any smartphone activities and the social media platform.

Spy activities on others

This tool allows users to monitor other people, and you can track and monitor the activities of your loved one by using this app.

View call history

Using this app, you can easily monitor and track the call activities of the target device, including its incoming and outgoing calls with date and time.

View messages history

You can monitor your message’s activity, including all the sender and receiver information.

Track location through GPS

The application uses advanced GPS technology, so you can easily track your target device’s location and you can know the places they are visiting. This feature is helpful when you lose your device location and activities.

Notification system

Suppose you want to monitor the particular activity of the target device. In that case, you can apply the alerts on that particular device, and when they perform some task, you will receive a notification. You can set an alert when the customer sends or receive messages moving from one place to another. You will receive a notification with their latest update.

Explore gallery

This application lets you easily explore the target device gallery and view images and videos.

Web Browsing History

This app allows you to access the browsing history of your kid or employee and allow you to view the insights and browsing history, including their visited websites, bookmark pages, and search queries.

Mod Features

No ads: By using this app, all the ads are removed you can monitor the activities of your target device without trying unwanted advertisements.

Free to use: All the features and rules are free, and you don’t have to pay any subscription charges to use this app.

Keylogger Functionality: Modified version comes with a keylogger function where you can access the target device password, login credentials, and any other information.

Lightweight application: The size of this application is 10 MB, and it’s easily installed on almost all Android devices.



This app is one of the best monitoring apps available in the market, where you can monitor all the activities of your target device and provide the necessary tools for comprehensive monitoring. You can monitor any target device’s social activities and access its content, including videos, images, and other data. I hope you enjoy this article in your mind you can come and below. Thank you so much for visiting our website.


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