Usagi Shima MOD APK (Latest Version)

Usagi Shima MOD APK
Usagi Shima MOD APK

Usagi Shima is a delightful and casual game developed by Pank0. In this game, you become the caretaker of a deserted island and, as you enter the Island, decorate and personalize your own Island with all sorts of twin pants and buildings more personalized according to your needs.

In the game, you can meet and be friend with many cute bunnies that come to your eye because it looks nice. You can also put cute hats on them. If you become good friends with these bunnies, they might give you a unique presence to show they like you. This game is a claim and fun game where you collect and take care of these adorable bunnies on your beautiful Island.

Decorate your island

This game allows you to decorate your existing Iceland with colors by adding new houses, repairing old items, and more. You can completely change Iceland and give it a unique look or change the existing Island.

Key features

Discover and record more than 30 rabbits with unique looks and features.
Ability to decorate your bunnies with adorable hats.
There are over a hundred items to decorate with interactive resources.
This app offers a traditionally animated art style.
Ability to engage in various activities with the bunnies to build friendships.
You can invite bunnies to your Island and become best friends. You can also receive keepsakes from them.
You have no time limit, do not stress, enjoy the smooth ambiance, and play at your own pace.
Enjoy the atmosphere with the bunny .
There are more than 30 + new bunnies edited in the latest version.


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