Zaky MOD APK 3.12.4 (Unlimited Diamonds/Coins)


Zaky, a social app developed by the Zaky Team, allows you to be part of a vibrant and dynamic community. This app allows one to connect with like-minded individual who shares common interests. As a member, you can join a support network of young people ready to collaborate, engage ideas and grow together. 

You can create a new online profile, choose any image you prefer, express yourself and your creativity, and customize your virtual identity to reflect your personality or interest. 

You can expect to receive friendly responses when you use the paper plan and Crush radar. This platform gives you a user-friendly environment for all users where interaction is enjoyable.

This app has rooms for chatting when you enter the room, you can expect lively and fun entertainment where people engage in Vibrant conversation. This app creates participants can enjoy a great time with others. 

The square where you’ll send anonymous posts freely

This app has a square feature where you can send anonymous posts. This feature allows individuals to express themself without revealing their identity. By sending anonymous posts, you can communicate your thoughts, ideas, and options without the constants that may come with closing your identity. 

Key features 

  • This app creates your profile with a unique ID and picture. 
  • By using the paper and Crush radar feature to get user-friendly responses. 
  • You can make friends and chat with strangers at any time, anywhere. 
  • The app offers a dancing party room for all registered users. 
  • You can create your avatar for your profile picture. 
  • You can create your blog, record your special and best moments, and share them with others and social platforms. 
  • You can use its random chat feature to chat with strangers on video and audio calls. 
  • The app offers audio chat options where you can add up to 8 people to start chatting and voice groups. 
  • The app supports a multi-language option, and you can easily translate international user messages without limitations. 
  • The app offers unlimited coins and diamonds for more matches. 
  • Using its premium features, you can get unlimited gems to unlock the premium chat rooms for communication with international users.


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