Circuit Route Planner MOD APK (Unlocked)

Circuit Route Planner
Circuit Route Planner

Circuit Route Planner is the fastest delivery app designed for delivery drivers, optimizing routes to save time and resources for over 100,000 drivers globally. This app optimizes for the shortest paths, white traffic, and delays, and you can quickly find packages in your vehicle with Circuit Route Planner. If you need a business route planner, try this app. It’s a reliable route planning for multiple stops. For free outdoor route planning (walking, running, cycling), use It includes maps, directions, and elevation profiles to improve outdoor activities. This app is the best download if you want free maps and navigation apps. I enjoy the family of 1 million users with over 150 million deliveries optimized worldwide.

Circuit Route Planner finds the shortest route to avoid traffic and potentially save you time. This is the ideal app for courier delivery drivers and retailers managing logistics. It simplifies the multi-stop address input with just three taps. n minutes, compile a list of addresses and access the quickest routes within seconds. Simplify your deliveries with ease.


Circuit Route Planner swiftly optimizes courier routes for countless stops. There is no need to spend hours mapping routes; it delivers the fastest delivery paths within seconds, even for lengthy stop lists.

EDIT Route

Can you adjust your schedule on the go? This ab simplifies the process. It modifies and removes stops effortlessly during your route. It even offers hands-free voice entry for added convenience, saving valuable time in delivery logistics.


Want to deliver a package on time? Use Circuit Route Planner’s time window and priority options to ensure punctual arrivals at your destination.


Choose your preferred navigation app, like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, or HEREWeGo, and seamlessly switch between navigation and order details, saving you time and effort.


Do you need to catch up on your package route? Circuit provides instant estimated arrival times for each stop. It can also re-plan your way to avoid traffic and delays, ensuring your arrival times stay optimized and current.

Why choose Circuit Route Planner?

This app uses advanced technology to blind real-time traffic data with the latest maps to plan your quickest and most direct routes. Simplify the input you are starting and your list of stops, and the app takes care of the rest. This app optimizes the holidays to avoid traffic and minimize backtracking, ensuring your delivery route is as efficient as possible.

The Circuit app solves routing issues by giving you estimated arrival times for your route. If you’re running late, it adjusts your journey to avoid traffic, keeping arrival times accurate.

Key features

This app gives you the shortest delivery route.
Using this app, you can save money, time, and gas.
You can plan your delivery in a short time.
You can find packages quickly and easily.
Using this app, you can optimize your delivery to avoid traffic & backtracking, & finish an hour early.
This app gives you complete information about where a package is in your vehicle and gets notified by the staff as you quickly find it.
You can choose your preferred GPS, including Google Maps, HEREWeGo, and Waze.
You can quickly get the accurate address zip code voice driver app using its fast destination feature.
Prioritize important deliveries at the route’s beginning.
Set delivery time slots for on-time deliveries.
Decide stop durations.
Receive precise arrival time estimates instantly.


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