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Marge Saw Game
Marge Saw Game

Marge Saw game apk is a horror game featuring the Simpsons, and you play it with them. In the game, the character helps the scared mother from Evil and protects them from it. The correct move around different places and collect all kinds of different items to use during the gameplay. Your first option is to try to save the mother from Evil, protect them, save the house, and then search for different items to survive in the game.

The app is inspired by and best and most popular animated series, “The Simpsons.” the developers made this game challenge each other with different series of interactive puzzles and obstacles to Merge the Simpsons from different obstacles.

Features of Marge Saw Game APK

As we discuss, this application is a combination of order and Puzzle games, so this application of many exciting features which busy users for a couple of hours. Some of the notable features include

Engaging Storyline: Using the application, you can enjoy the engagement storyline, where the player merges Simpson for freedom.

Challenging Puzzles: Due to the gameplay, you can test your problem-solving skills with various obstacles and challenges, enjoy the puzzles, and make yourself top in the game.

Interactive Gameplay: You can interact with different characters in the game. Still, the popular “The Simpsons” is also available, and you can unlock the hidden clues to progress to the game.

Intuitive Controls: You can participate in different levels and easily navigate from one feature to another by using its user-friendly control designs for a better gaming experience.

Multiple Levels: This horror game how different levels, and each level has different puzzles with increasing difficulty, but at the end of each level, you will unlock exciting new challenges.

Hints and Power-ups: The app offer different hands and power-ups, and you can use these hands and power UPS to overcome your puzzle difficulties in the game.

Regularly updates: The app updates its character and level graphics and provides an optimized gaming experience for all users.


The game story starts with the characters protecting their mother from different Enemies and then protecting their Kingdom and house from Evil. After protecting their Kingdom and hometown, they try to explore different places and collect items that help them during gameplay. The character’s levels and puzzles, but each level have different difficulties; the app offers hints to solve these puzzles to unlock more premium and free items. You can play this game on your Android and ios devices, but I recommend you install this application on Android 4.4 or above to play the games smoothly.


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